Lost Souls of Mental Famine

by Blackhorned

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William Ring Break out the corpse paint and inverted crosses. This is a masterpiece of ferocious Black Metal with a Blackened-Thrash vibe. Check it out if you're a fan of groups like Gorgoroth, Burzum & Venom. Favorite track: When Wolves are Let Lose.
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Recorded during early winter 2013 at HellSound studio, Svendborg DK
Mixed & mastered late winter 2013


released October 11, 2015

All music and vocals by Atziluth
Produced by Atziluth



all rights reserved


Blackhorned Svendborg, Denmark

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Track Name: Shrouded in Mystery
Shrouded in Mystery

Distant callings from the dark
Beyond the vast void
From subconscious depths
comes deep hollow screams

Sacred prophecies
Inverted promised lands
To search for the truth
in a sea of lies

Lost in a stream of blind visions
Frozen in a world of illusions
Deep shadows of grief and despair
I bury myself in lost reflections

Words never to be spoken
Prayers never to be answered
Visions never to be seen
Forever shrouded in mystery
Track Name: Portal of Madness
Portal of Madness

A thought so bitter
My mind goes wild
Moments of despair
Beyond control – only panic

A fear that flows
In deep layers of consciousness
Like life that Screams
“you have always been weak!”

Scratches and wounds
Skin is peeled off
A nightmare so tense
Always death seems close

Flaming evil
Hell starts there
As all can see
In life as in death
No salvation exists here
Track Name: Dark Whispers (In the Mist)
Dark Whispers (In the Mist)

Witching hour – Darkness calling
whispers from the deep
I gaze into the endless mist
Tempted and taken by fear
Where is the safe path to follow?
An illusion of reality
In a shadow of hollow existence
Hearing only a voice from afar

Broken will and slave-bound
In mercy of the beyond
Rejected endless prayers
the last hopes are in vain
The whispers turn to screams
Flaming knifes of torture
piercing deep in my flesh
as the shadows swallow my soul

Moonlight appears
A cold and lifeless abyss
opens before my eyes
This is it...
Cold freezing chills
Empty hollow...
...the voices...
Track Name: A Nail in the Coffin
A Nail in the Coffin

Shall the sins of Sodom be laid upon me
Is this the game of self salvation
Where the servants bid me welcome
to scratch my nails down the wall

A hollow monument of nothingness
Enlightened by swarms of ghosts
A desperate spirit massacre
Death of the soul – unholy rites

Brought to my knees – humiliation
Bringer of doom – slaughter of dreams
Utopia – blood on my hands
One more – a nail in the coffin
Track Name: Lost Souls of Mental Famine
Lost Souls of Mental Famine

Thee who flies
Over filthy roofs
A sad and closed-in November morning

Those who cross the busy road
Without fatality
Lives besides sin

You which pierces with eyes
And ignores all irony
Will realize the absence of the sun

I who flies from Hell
Miserable as the grave
As the withered and broken
Eternally lost

Sipping away from sanity
In a haze of flickering colours
With no exit in sight
Dying souls

A melancholic distance
To all attending reason
And the descend of life
As the mirror of the soul cracks
Track Name: Seeds of Destruction
Seeds of Destruction

Seeds of destruction
You teach your children how to kill
Demented morality
This downward spiral never ends
Time and time again
The story repeats itself
To the coming generations of doom
Welcome to our wonderland of ruins

with sulphur taste in the mouth
We bury mortal virtue
Deliberately forgetting
Consequences of decadence
There is no turning back
From the ultimate collapse
Battles raging in the underworld
While we tacitly eat ourselves

A world in flames – only death prevails
Demons are lurking in the charred ruins
Waiting for any chance to attack the lost
And occupy their damned souls

Storms of fire and bursts of acid
Tortured souls torn in pain
Unbreakable endless cruelty
Is the agenda in this purgatory

It is called civilization
What we see as a perfect world
A lost distorted illusion
By an idiotic ignorant mankind
Track Name: The Curse of the Moon
The Curse of the Moon

So old – so cold
So mysterious beauty
It's call – it haunts – so silent
In the dark - in the night
Through time – through ages

It shines – so pale – so grim
A spell – a curse – so mighty
This force that calls – so cold
Temptation – betrayer

Bound in grief - by the light
Deceiving eyes – feeding on fear
A beast of nature – spellbinding
Always has it been watching...

Deep in the forest – into hiding
Seeking the darkness – for shelter
To escape the curse
That awakens the beast inside

No place to hide
Nowhere to run
The curse of the pale grim moon
The only choice is surrender
Track Name: Beyond the Edge of Existence
Beyond the Edge of Existence

Life rides me like a nightmare
Through hopeless forests of decay
Sorrowful melodies turn to scream
In a valley grim as the tomb
Hatred reflecting in the lake of death
Skulls float in streams of despair

The meeting between us forced
By thoughts painted in blood
We seek and search
To the deep grim divide
At the end of the world
My cursed life

And the storm builds up
Leaves me in despair
As I – in a psychotic moment
Hold the knife against me
As in defence
Against myself

And the blood flowing
Colours all in-burned self-hatred
Too strange black
As if all whispers in the corners
“you never deserved more
you've only got as deserved”
Track Name: Forest of the Dead
Forest of the Dead

Valakia – kingdom of blood
A son of the dark
An ominous sense of cruelty
In a place plagued in horror

Lost anguished restless souls
Cursed forests in deep sleep
Where nothing escapes
And souls devoured by evil

A faceless terror
The air reeks heavily of death
The dense smoldering dark
Flowing out from everywhere

Murky bare tree trunks
A stench of rotten blood
A thick taste of death in the air
Soil wetted by the dead body fluids

Approaching the demonic occupied place
Death reigns unconditional here
The dark master and his victims
Proof that his evil feeds on fear

Trapped deep in the forest of the dead
Slowly devoured eternal dark evil
Track Name: When Wolves are Let Lose
When Wolves Are Let Lose

I hear it in the distance
Or is it from within
Fear of death crawl like worms
Under my skin

The howls:
Weakened – strengthened – always – forever or never
As hordes out of the fire
They come to me
Flaming Jaws
Made of pure evil
Coat of putrefaction
Degrade any ability to defend

Howling in the distance
It is now! It is now!
Fleeing in basements of mold
Houses beyond
My hands torn
Blood in thrusts
Pulse uncontrolable idle
They are here!

Teeth as awls
My sick thoughts
My Body – my life

My torn demons
My power of Satan